Tam McArthur Rim Sunrise and Broken Hand, OR

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Tam McArthur Rim Sunrise and Broken Hand, OR

Post by Solofemalehiker35 » July 24th, 2020, 12:29 am

Broken Hand
Visited here Monday 7/20/2020, arrived at 1:50 am, there were 9 cars. There is no parking area for this TH, you just park on the side of the road. No bathrooms here either unless you drive to one of the campgrounds.no handicap parking and not handicap accessible. Might be ok for young children there are steep drop offs at the rim and on parts of the trail, as well as some rocky areas of the trail close to the TH. Trail is in good condition. Make sure you have an America the beautiful pass ($80), Northwest Forrest pass ($30) or pre purchase a day pass ($5) before you arrive as there is no fee box here. Make sure you also have a map of the area. No cell reception at TH. Road in is gravel, potholed, rocky and washboard, any car can make it with cautious driving.
Had the rim all to ourselves for Sunrise. Beautiful Sunrise up there. We continued on to see if we could get to no name lake. Make sure you have a map of the area.the trails can get a bit confusing. At one point you have to scramble over boulders. There are 2 snow fields before broken hand that are not hard to pass, the 3rd snowfield before broken hand is steep, you can go around it or cross it. Might need micros. The snow was pretty soft when we were out there. We saw a backpacker before the scramble camping in the middle of the trail.
At broken hand there is a large, steep looking snowfield to get to before no name lake the access to snowfield looked a bit sketchy. My friend and I checked out the trail that goes around the east side of BH, but it ends with trees smashed up to the rock wall and we did not feel safe getting through with our big packs on. We decided not to cross the snow field as my friend was low on energy, so we turned around here.
Bring sunscreen and bug spray. There's not much shade here and there were bugs up high (mosquitoes).
Bring plenty of water as well.
Think we saw 30 people total most of them at the rim or heading up to the rim. Got back to our cars at 1:30 pm and it was busy. Lots of people enjoying the lake on a hot day.
10.35 miles w/1816ft Elevation gain.
Campgrounds were open when we went.
Snow field below broken hand
The view from broken hand
Trailhead information
Interesting flower
Up close at broken hand.
The other trail on the east side of broken hand.
Three creek lake from the rim.
Sunrise at the rim
Getting a look over the rim
Broken top.
Tam Mc Arthur rim
Pre Sunrise over three creek lake

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Re: Tam McArthur Rim Sunrise and Broken Hand, OR

Post by adamschneider » July 24th, 2020, 8:42 am

Solofemalehiker35 wrote:
July 24th, 2020, 12:29 am
At one point you have to scramble over boulders.
Where did you have to scramble? I remember the route to Broken Hand being a pretty good trail the whole way, except for the Hand itself.

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