Mt. Woodson / Potato Chip Rock + Comet Neowise

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Mt. Woodson / Potato Chip Rock + Comet Neowise

Post by markesc » July 23rd, 2020, 9:38 am

Hello everyone!

Well if you're ever in the Santee / San Diego area, I highly recommend the Potato Chip rock hike from Hwy 67. It's a short 4.2 miles round trip, and a good steep leg burner. You'll be walking a paved service road to the summit, so it's an easy night walk back down to the car! The prominence allows for some great night shots with city lights, and you're high enough to be above the clouds slowly rolling in from the Pacific Ocean.

lots of recent reports here: ... via-hwy-67

Comet Neowise can be seen as well:
We found a lot less light pollution by going east on hwy 8, into the Cleveland National Forest, Sunrise Road for these shots:
More on the road/history here: ... e-highway/

I do still miss those Mt. Hood hikes!!! Hope you all are havin fun!

Phoenix has been interesting, HOT, but Monsoon season has finally started!!!!!!

More of my work here (I only share this because my family is always on me: "why don't you sell your work, how come you don't have a website... blah blah blah"):

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