Rhodie Show on Huckleberry Mountain via Boulder Ridge

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Rhodie Show on Huckleberry Mountain via Boulder Ridge

Post by TwoPaw » July 12th, 2020, 8:00 am

"They call Alabama the Crimson Tide"

Lately I've been revisiting some old favorites that I haven't tread for quite some time. Huckleberry Mtn. via Boulder Ridge used to be an annual trek. When the $5 BLM TH parking fee was introduced years ago I shifted to the quieter Bonanza trail.

This past Friday I arrived at the BLM Wildwood Recreation complex about 9am. The entrance kiosk was unattended, and only self issued credit card payments were being accepted due to Covid 19 (no cash or checks). I proceeded to the Boulder Ridge TH parking lot where one of the few currently employed site hosts is set up, tho there is no camping here.

About a dozen cars in the lot. Many folks brought their dogs out for a morning walk along local trails. All told I would encounter eight other hikers on the Boulder Ridge/Plaza trail itself that day.

I toured the wonderful Wetland Boardwalk trail before heading up #783A; a nice warmup before Boulder Ridge's steep opening switchbacks. These soon end as the trail levels out on a old road and begins a long uninterrupted traverse. I really love this trail as it transitions through ever changing landscape zones, including steep slopes with tall upright forests. Due to June rains and a cool summer so far everything was extra lush. Overall #783A has surprisingly little running water, crossing small streams only a couple of times.
There are numerous Rhododendron all along this trail, and once I passed the junction onto #783 proper (the Plaza Trail), it was a blooming Rhodie parade all that way to the top. Numerous other flowers are at peak, from Paintbrush to Beargrass.
I enjoyed a few moments of the wide open views at the Rocky Point on top. Because I had notions of a post lunch nap I continued on a wee bit further on the Plaza trail.

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