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Bugaboo Ridge Oregon 5/15/20

Posted: May 16th, 2020, 8:53 am
by Tiredinco
#2234 Road is cleared of downfall (specific elevations got hit pretty hard). Road to Iron Mountain was blocked by tree fall (at the time of this posting.)
Snow on trail just as the trail flips to the other side of the ridge (sheltered North face of Bachelor Mt.).
Turned around at this point – took the logging road back to the trailhead just to be curious – one nice stream that’s about it - plus snow had still clogged the road from winter drifting so it was a nice way to get my socks wet. Will take trail back next time.
No flowers yet – I’d say give it a month. Pretty views of Mt. Jefferson and feeder valleys…truly classic Oregon timber country.
New hikers – it should be noted this is all second growth timber (clear-cut and thinned) right to the top of Mt. Bachelor…but all has a considerable amount of regrowth. 3 or 4 five foot diameter trees near trail before it meets the ridge. Good paved and gravel road access.