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North Siouxon Trail & Black Hole Falls

Posted: May 11th, 2020, 6:55 am
by Tobyjango
We hiked as a family of 5 with our dog (kids ages 9,12,15). A beautiful hike with fun river crossings, nothing too complicated or hard to manage. There are lots of ups and downs, so while cumulative elevation gain is minimal, the kids were sure to let me know what they thought! Roller coaster style. Probably at least 20 creek crossings, so plenty of water for pups!

Very few people on trail...the hardest part was all the turns on unmarked roads to get to the trailhead. We ended up following Waze to the trailhead as the written directions didn’t match. While we were in a highlander, I think my mini van could have handled it’s all comfortability of course.
it’s worth noting that mentioned sign to falls is no longer, and neither is the sign at beginning (it’s lying down, and the most you see is a map, but no trail name).
we loved this hike and would do it again!