Summerlake Park -- May 6, 2020

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Summerlake Park -- May 6, 2020

Post by datura » May 7th, 2020, 9:26 am

Yay, a new-to-me park not far from where the day's chores and errands took me, and thus, another urban-park short-trail trip report to be inflicted on all of you.

Summerlake Park is a Tigard city park in the middle of a subdivision. As such, it is surrounded by houses and features the usual city park amenities such as playgrounds and sports fields.

But it is also the home of Summer Lake, or rather, a string of small lakes along a creek, and a walking path -- with cute bridges -- around the water.

summerlake 3 may 2020.jpg

Here are two links that describe the park and its paths: ... _Loop_Hike


summerlake 6 may 2020.jpg

Apparently there has been a concerted effort to minimize the number of geese this spring. That must be working because we didn't see huge flocks of geese on our walk. We did see some geese as well as ducks and red-winged blackbirds, to name a few types of birds found near wetlands. I'm sure this area gets a lot of wetland denizens that can be seen depending on when one visits.

summerlake 4 may 2020.jpg

There were a fair number of people and their dogs and/or children on the trail. Almost everyone was careful about social distancing except for some of the children and teens. There were people hanging around on the supposedly-closed sports fields, but we were nowhere near that part of the park.

summerlake 5 may 2020.jpg

The rhododendron garden is still actively blooming. It's near the parking lot, a small area with several dozen bushes. It's also next to the path around the lake, so no extra effort was required to look at the pretty flowers. In addition, the walking trail is right up against some of the subdivision's lots, and some of those very visible private gardens are quite lovely.

summerlake 7 may 2020.jpg

The walking path is a mixed of paved and not-paved and is quite level. Spurs head off at several points towards various suburban streets. We didn't take any of the spurs, just walked around the lakes. It wasn't much more than a mile, if that.

summerlake 1a may 2020.jpg

It was really peaceful to look at the water and listen to the birds. I enjoyed the groves of rhododendrons and cedars and willow/alders as well as the very civilized urban gardens we passed. It's no wilderness experience, but it was a much nicer walk than I had expected from a suburban community park. I'm glad I took the time to make this little detour.

summerlake 2 may 2020.jpg

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