12/23/19 Stacker Butte Via Dalles Mountain TH Solo

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12/23/19 Stacker Butte Via Dalles Mountain TH Solo

Post by Solofemalehiker35 » December 25th, 2019, 8:57 am

12/23/19 Hiked to Stacker Butte Via Dalles Mountain Ranch TH to Dalles Mountain Road West to Stacker Road NW as an out and back. Roads are in are in good condition, a little washboard. 8.18 miles with 1963ft elevation gain. Solo. Saw no one on the trail or in the area, but did notice a stock truck and trailer I did not see on the way in, on the way out.

Dalles Mountain TH has a vaulted handicap accessible toilet and 1 handicap spot on site. This area would also be good for small children. Be advised there is poison oak in the area so be on the lookout. Large parking area as well as parking for bus and trailer. The parking area is a bit past the ranch going east and the turn off will be on your left hand side going in. You need a discovery pass to park here, there is also a fee pay box if you are only in for a day. $10/day, $30/yr.

Just an FYI there is access to this area from highway 14, via Crawford Oaks TH. But it does add mileage. Plenty of parking there with HC parking, vaulted toilet, picnic area and trails.

Dalles Mountain Road/Stacker road and TH area, I call upper TH. Road is gravel and in good condition. Pretty steep in areas with a couple of turn around spots. Coming in it will be the first road on your left with a discovery pass sign right before the ranch. Second time out here for me and I have never seen any of the lower gates in this area closed. This road ends at the upper TH where unauthorised vehicles are not allowed beyond that point. Parking for maybe 5 vehicles (small parking area). No fee pay box here so make sure you pay at Dalles ranch TH or have a discovery pass as it is a requirement. There are also no bathrooms at this TH. Pack it in, Pack it out.

This trail is all road hiking and I think would be fun any time of the year. I have been here in late spring as well and there are some pretty unique wildflowers here I have not seen anywhere else yet.

12/24/19 was a extremely windy cold morning, I started well before the sun rose.
1.67 miles distance from the Dalles ranch parking area to Stacker parking area. (Beautiful views of the Dalles and the windmills at night). Reached the first radio towers at the begining of sunrise and the clouds were going in and out, but I saw a green light towards the summit and decided to check it out.

Stacker Butte was socked in, no views of the Dalles or surrounding areas and still before sunrise. I checked out the equipment up top and decided to head down as it was way too cold with wind chill (in the high teens to low 20s it felt like) to stop and take a break as I would have liked.

Stopped for a bit a the first towers again to check out the amazing sunrise and the clouds moving across the sky (seemed like the wind was picking up more as the am progressed as it was just as cold here as it was on the summit.

On the way down between the upper lot and the ranger house I saw an old cabin (with a number 20 on it's siding?) to the right on the road. Beautiful to go and check out if you have time.

Make sure you have a map of the area before you go as there are no signs for trails/roads. There are maps at the TH only.

Dalles ranch is a fun area and should be on anyone's must visit list. The area is so beautiful! I will definitely be back lots to explore at this state park!

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Re: 12/23/19 Stacker Butte Via Dalles Mountain TH Solo

Post by maryannpdx » December 26th, 2019, 7:51 pm

Thanks for the info. Lovely photos.

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Re: 12/23/19 Stacker Butte Via Dalles Mountain TH Solo

Post by drm » December 27th, 2019, 7:41 am

I usually go there when it is not windy - so that's why you had it to yourself!

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