Unamed logging road and Three Corner Rock TH Scout

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Unamed logging road and Three Corner Rock TH Scout

Post by Solofemalehiker35 » December 3rd, 2019, 12:24 pm

Washougal river road past Naked falls has a couple inches of snow and ice on ground. Make sure you have chains or cables in your vehicle and know how to use them. SW WA State Forrest somewhere... Yesterday's frosty adventures (12/2/19)... Almost slid off the road at 3am... Had to put on cables to turn my car around so I could park somewhere less icy (sheet of ice part started a little after the newly developed logging road that isn't on any maps and is a steep up hill) and hike a steep logging road (a little over 2 miles long with 1230ft of elevation gain with some pretty amazing views of table Mountain, Archer mountain, Three Corner Rock, Silver Star and several other mountains. And of course I was parked in the middle of a narrow part of the road right as I'm putting traction on my feet so I could put traction on my tires a logging truck pulls up behind me. The road was so icy it was like a skating rink! The logger said he wouldn't have put his chains on if I hadn't of stopped (he also helped and put one of my cables on backwards 😂🤣 after he put his chains on and was concerned because I was out alone without a gun.) One of the three loggers said he slid his double a bit (he did not have traction) crazy!!! Not what I planned for a hike today but sometimes you have to improvise. Did some trail scouting out as well. 7.7 miles with 1230ft elevation gain in 5hrs 15 mins total time 47 mins stopped (stopped for an hour or longer to watch the sunrise this am and paused the recorder) and 4hrs 27mins moving time. Solo.
Unamed new logging road (yr or 2yrs old) 4.77 miles long with 1230ft elevation gain. All roads dead end with amazing views of surrounding mountains and some great camp spots. Lots of fresh animal tracks and my tracks were the only prints in the snow up there.
Three Corner Rock Trailhead (spacious parking area considering the road it's off of maybe 10+ cars, no bathroom and you need a discovery pass to park here before hand as there is no pay station.); logging operations in the area are done I believe. I only hiked a short distance on the trail (trail starts a little southwest of the parking area there is what looks to be an old road, 3CR Spurs off this road) as it nears the first intersection with the newish logging road ( you can also take the newish logging road up to a sketchy looking trail up hill a bit, you can see a solid trail in the forrested portion. I did not hike up this and decided to save it for another day, without the snow and ice) as it looked a bit sketchy crossing clear cut area in the snow. Could be very easy to loose the trail in clear cut areas. Make sure you have a map or GPS tracker if you are attempting to start here. There is also a shorter trail starting from Rock Creek Pass TH to Three Corner Rock (3 car lot, no bathroom) start on the same side you park via the PCT south. It's 5 mile ish long RT hiking on a ridge, great trail. The 3CR trail will be on your right if starting from Rock Creek pass. There are signs so you won't get lost.

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Re: Unamed logging road and Three Corner Rock TH Scout

Post by Chip Down » December 3rd, 2019, 8:32 pm

I keep telling myself one day I should just go driving and see where I end up. Especially this time of year, when even a dead-end logging road can be fun. Walking in virgin snow is great fun!

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Re: Unamed logging road and Three Corner Rock TH Scout

Post by kepPNW » December 4th, 2019, 6:47 am

That first trailhead you describe, it wasn't what's also called the Stebbins Creek TH was it?

DNR-sanctioned obliteration

Would love to hear that's been repaired and is back in business! This is what I found, last time there...

Back on the trail, again...

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