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Mowich Butte via Rock Creek Pass TH

Posted: November 19th, 2019, 12:34 pm
by Solofemalehiker35
Monday 11/18/19 ( 9.63 miles with 1968ft elevation gain.) attempted PCT North via Rock Creek Pass TH to Mowich Butte (all downhill on the way in with some narrow trail areas. First creek, Rock Creek has a bridge, but all the rest I a came across did not have bridges. Some blowdowns as well as overgrown in places with lots of leaf debris on trail. After FR 2070 the PCT north from what I saw minus one blowdown is in great condition.) but I think it would have been 16+ miles RT so I went close to 5 miles in on the PCT North from Rock Creek Pass and hiked back via Forrest roads 2070, 2000 and 2090. Also took Snag Creek trail (Snag Creek/PCT trail junction) to Forrest road 2070 (trail is very faint in spots with lots of debris but you can still see tread in the distance). On the pct north in this area there was a large creek crossing with slippery rocks so I opted for snag creek trail instead after getting my boot wet. After the 2070 road crossing the pct north is in good condition with one blowdown and I turned around at a creek crossing. Decided to come back another day and park closer to Snag Creek/PCT north to do Mowich Butte.

Rock Creek Pass TH to Pct North to Snag Creek trail junction to FR 2070 to PCT North .5 miles, back to FR 2070 to FR 2000 to FR 2090. Saw one car as I was within feet of my vehicle. Saw no one else from 4am to 11am.

No pass needed to park here and no bathrooms here.
Rock Creek Pass TH
PCT North
Rock Creek, saw a huge crane here
Rock Creek Bridge
Snag Creek/PCT Trail Junction
Snag Creek, slippery Rock, wet boot
Snag Creek trail
FR 2070/ Red Bluff Rd
Last creek I came across before turning around
PCT North after FR 2070
Beautiful mountains in the canyon on PCT North after FR 2070
FR 2000 and 2069 I believe
FR 2090 to the far left

Re: Mowich Butte via Rock Creek Pass TH

Posted: November 19th, 2019, 4:42 pm
by johnspeth
Now my neck is sore from tilting my head for your pics. :)