High Camp via Camp Riley, PCT Aug 11-12, 2019

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High Camp via Camp Riley, PCT Aug 11-12, 2019

Post by TwoPaw » August 17th, 2019, 7:14 am

Several recent OH TRs inspired me to tackle an overnighter in the Mt. Adams wilderness at High Camp.

I started up Riley Camp Trail about 9am. Everything was still wet from a storm passing through and a foggy drip maintained a dewey landscape. A land of tarns and boggy patches there are a fair amount of mosquitos around - though not enough to make walking unpleasant.

At PCT I turned left to trek a section I’d never been on. A pleasant upgrade took me through a large lava field punctuated by a surprising number of trees and milky streams. Most of upper Adams was obscured in cloud but the cool temps were perfect for cranking out miles.

I knew I’d run into some thru-hikers on PCT. Surprising how many are old-timers like me. A couple of Southbound (SB) folks advised that eleven miles north a trail angel had a supply tent with snacks and beer. I would later wish such a provision was available at High Camp.

Yet the raging topic of concern was the approaching Adams Creek crossing and SB hikers shared specific guidance on how to navigate two thin logs that served as a bridge. Don’t go straight across - them sticks are bouncy. Instead, face uphill so you’re able to plant your poles and side step across, like a shuffling mountain goat.
The recommended crossing point appeared to be about twenty or so yards upstream from the one pictured in drm’s recent TR. That “bridge”, which aligned directly with the actual trail, is now a shadow of its former glory with only a couple of unrelated logs remaining. Perhaps it had given way to repeated onslaughts of the “alleged diurnal creek swelling.”

In any case, I was thankful for cool weather that tamed the flow and with guidance from fellow hikers I made it across and enjoyed a fist bump. On to the High Camp junction, where I peeled off the PCT and reassured an alarmed thru-couple I really did know where I was headed.

Perhaps their warnings were warranted, for High Camp was a cloudy mist that would do Foggy Flats proud. No grand view. The almost pitter-patter of tiny droplets blowing against the tent.

The next morning would offer the glory as the clouds were now blankets below. I spent a couple of grand hours meandering above High Camp before packing up and returning the way I came. All in all, a good outing and shakedown of my gear for a longer trek later this year.

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Re: High Camp via Camp Riley, PCT Aug 11-12, 2019

Post by retired jerry » August 17th, 2019, 7:19 am

nice goats pic

that Adams Creek crossing is difficult. I've just gone to there, then turned around. Might be a case where just walking through it and getting boots wet is best

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