Indian Heaven

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Indian Heaven

Post by drm » August 7th, 2019, 4:04 pm

Short distances to so many lakes is a popular aspect of Indian Heaven, but I'm usually needing the exercise, so I often start at the south at Crest Camp and decide how far I want to go. This trip I chose to camp at the base of Lemei Rock, the highest point in Indian Heaven. The base of it, at 5600 feet, is also the highest point you can camp there.

Which also means it is the place where mosquitoes are still holding on. There were almost none hiking in through Blue Lake. A few showed up at Junction Lake, but I could still take a break in shorts and short sleeves, no DEET, and just get a couple bites. Only when I started the final climb to camp, above Clear Lake, did they really start to show up. But I've always wanted to test my Thermacell in tougher bug conditions, so I got my chance. Under these moderate swarming conditions, I could still sit out with only a few bugs bothering me while it was running.

It's about 13 miles from Crest Camp to my camp and without all that much EG, it took me just under 6 hours. And only a couple hundred yards away is the great viewpoint. There was one small snowpile left and that supplied my water, which the stove in the sky was nice enough to melt for me.
Blue Lake
Walking through Lupine
Mt Adams from the viewpoint
Lake Wapiki from the viewpoint
columbines at the viewpoint
Lemei Rock

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