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Shorthorn Trail, Mt Adams

Posted: June 10th, 2019, 6:39 am
by drm
I hiked from lowland forests near the Mt Adams horse camp, connecting various trails, and a couple hundred yards of road walking, to the Shorthorn Trail out of Morrison campground last weekend. I hit significant snow coverage, around 50%, at the flat area before the final climb to the junction with the Round the Mountain trail (6100'). So I put camp in there, at about 5700' and hiked up to the junction area. Open areas with significant southern exposure were melted but otherwise there was a few feet of snow around. The days were pleasant and the night got down to freezeing. But I stayed in the tent till the sun was on my meadow and within an hour it was warm enough to take the thermals off.
From the Crofton Ridge trail, Mt Adams was in that cloud
Mt Adams from camp
camp and Mt Adams
water source, 50 yards from camp
Mt Adams from near the RTM trail junction