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Ramona Falls Loop from Top Spur

Posted: June 7th, 2019, 4:40 pm
by ghsmith76
I have passed by Ramona Falls many times since it is on the PCT and it is an easy day hike from the Ramona Falls Trailhead. Image

But this trip was from the Top Spur Trailhead which offers a great loop option with Trail #600 the high route and the PCT #2000 low route.

My motivation for this trip was primarily to checkout the Muddy Fork and Sandy river crossings in preparation for an upcoming Timberline Trail Trek. From this snippet of reconnaissance I do feel that the Timberline Trail should be fine.  I also was OK with probably being able to enjoy Ramona Falls all by myself which did happen. Unfortunately I took a chance on the weather for this Thursday-Friday trek which called for scattered showers and possibility of snow on Friday. Well the showers started out scattered but ended up continuous, and yes on the hike out it did snow. Not fun but it is all part of the deal for a backpacker.

The hike over to Ramona Falls was rather nice even though Mt Hood was mostly hidden in a cloud.

The view from Bald Mountain was unique as usual and crossing the Muddy Fork was a bit of a challenge. I found a safe rock jump about 30 yards up from the normal trail crossing.

Best option I found for crossing the Muddy

Overall this Trail 600 over to Ramona Falls is a great trail.

The Trillium and many other flowers are coming out and the Rhododendron's are starting to bloom as you near the falls.

And of course Ramona Falls was bursting with flow and beauty. I camped over by the abandoned ranger cabin which provides a nice view of the Sandy Canyon.

Meadow down to the old Ranger Cabin

I did hike over to the Sandy and determined that it is crossable, however, it may entail wading across by a couple of logs that will help to stabilize you.

Overall this portion of the Sandy looked fairly normal and ready for Timberline Trail crossings.

Looking up the Sandy

The trip was going great until the showers started to show up. So I basically was forced to stay in the tent after about 7:00 pm. And it rained most of the night and turned into a steady rain by morning. Bummer for Brook who does not like to sleep in the tent, so she got soaked and did not complain a bit even though she must have been freezing.

But in her strange Aussie way she probably cherished the opportunity to protect her master. If I was her, I would have slept near one of the large trees that were offering cover, but she slept next to the tent.

Breaking camp in the rain is messy, but it is what it is. You pack everything up which is mostly wet making your pack a lot heavier than it should be.

Then hiking out is just as messy, you are wet and cold but in a weird way I kind of like it. I reflect back on my Lost Coast Trek ... ost-coast/ and realize how much worse it could be. The snow falling on the hike out was a bit ridiculous.
More photos at full trip report: ... p-spur-th/

Re: Ramona Falls Loop from Top Spur

Posted: June 8th, 2019, 6:14 am
by Chip Down
I was wondering how low the snow got. Crazy! Thanks for the report.
(yeah, that's one miserable looking dog)

Re: Ramona Falls Loop from Top Spur

Posted: June 8th, 2019, 6:16 am
by drm
I suppose that sliding/exposed spot on the Timberline wasn't bad this year, or you would have mentioned it.

Breaking a wet camp and hiking is not nearly so bad when you're going out, compared to having to set it up again.

I wonder what those water crossings will look like late next week after a few scorching days to melt the snow higher up.

Re: Ramona Falls Loop from Top Spur

Posted: June 10th, 2019, 5:59 pm
by ghsmith76
If you were asking about this slide area on Trail #600, I was impressed with how it has been stabilized.Image

Re: Ramona Falls Loop from Top Spur

Posted: June 19th, 2019, 1:14 pm
by eg83
Great report!
Do you have a gps track by chance? Your TR makes me want to backpack this Friday.