Redwoods National Park - 5/1/2019

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Redwoods National Park - 5/1/2019

Post by arieshiker » May 5th, 2019, 2:49 pm

Following in the boot prints of an Oregonhiker giant - viewtopic.php?t=26829 - I spent a few days in the northern California redwoods and walked amongst the giants of nature.

I’d been saving Don’s excellent report on the Cal Barrel Road and Rhododendron Trial for many many months while waiting for my health to regain enough to give the area a go, and that turned out to be last week.

I didn’t manage (or try) to take on the road or the Rhododendron Trail, instead combining several lessor trails through much of the same terrain and, as often happens, came away totally humbled from spending time in the Redwoods.

The weather, after a non-stop rain cycle in March and most of April, was glorious - highs in the mid-60s with the days starting out in the mid-40s. Smith River was running wild and many of the park’s creeks were flowing nicely as well.

Thanks Don for the inspiration - I may not make it down there again, but I‘m not saying “never” this time. I didn’t really appreciate how many trails there are in the park until I studied up after Don’s report.

If my health gets me back to 2015 status, well......anyone else needing encouragement to hike amongst the giant of Redwood National and State Park, I highly recommend Don’s report and count this as a footnote.

A much belated thanks Don.

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Re: Redwoods National Park - 5/1/2019

Post by Webfoot » May 6th, 2019, 1:03 am

Don's report helped inspire me to return to the coastal redwoods for the first time in decades last September. Cal-Barrel Road was open to the end (just after it crosses the Rhododendron Trail, IIRC) when I was there and it made a lovely slow drive.

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