Lewis River Trail

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Lewis River Trail

Post by drm » April 22nd, 2019, 5:50 pm

I hiked the Lewis River Trail from the very bottom, at Curly Creek, to Lower Falls. The car campground is closed, but you can camp there as a walk-in, which is what I did. I wasn't the only one, but just a few others. Although there are a variety of backpacking sites along the way, none are within probably 3/4 mile of the falls, so I wanted to do that this time since it would be almost empty. A few of the sites are just a hundred yards from the lip of the falls, so you can be close by.

That's just short of 11 miles one way, almost no net gain in altitude but of course a decent amount of up and down on the way. And the middle 8.5 miles are the wilderness section. Not designated wilderness, but the road is on the other side of the river and not at all close, so it feels wild. The Lewis River valley has few views, but some of the best forests this side of the Olympics.

The trail had not been cleared yet and there was a lot of small to medium stuff to be negotiated. I didn't think to bring a handsaw, but spent a lot of time just throwing stuff off the trail. There were very few people on the wild section, but maybe 10 people at the falls when I got there at 4:30, since the parking lot is only 200 yards away.
lr 1.jpg
The unique Curly Creek Falls - flows through a rock bridge
lr 2.jpg
Lewis River
lr 3.jpg
large log across a small creek, and help to get on top of it
lr 4.jpg
a smattering of trilliums, not too many flowers on this forested hike
lr 5.jpg
lots of old mossy footbridges
lr 6.jpg
haven't seen many trees growing out of root balls
lr 7.jpg
Lower Falls
lr 8.jpg
above the falls

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Re: Lewis River Trail

Post by Webfoot » April 22nd, 2019, 6:32 pm

Thank you.

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