Angels Rest: Snowy Sunrise

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Chip Down
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Angels Rest: Snowy Sunrise

Post by Chip Down » February 17th, 2019, 10:06 pm

I've never been to Angels Rest in winter. Wanted to get to the top at sunrise. My timing was pretty close, maybe about 15 mins early.

Disappointments at TH: Crowded, damp (drizzly). I figured it would dry out up high, turn to snow. It did. Never much though, just intermittent flurries. Cloudy, poor views. Still, nice scenery. Dead calm. Easy to follow trail, little snow and no ice. No more than 6" (didn't measure, just guessing). As expected, snow turned back to drizzle on the way down.
The bench is behind those trees.
glorious sunrise
I wondered if this was the window I discovered from the east, but with binoculars it looked likely it was a snow patch, not grey sky.

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