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Tamanawas Falls Hike 12/22/18

Posted: December 23rd, 2018, 9:59 am
by mjanardh
Arrived at the Tamanawas TH at ~10.00 AM, Parking lot had a number of cars already. The TH was slick and it was clear traction was required. Quite a few were up and about the trail, much to my surprise. Snow was packed due to foot traffic, but icy most stretches.

Actually wanted to do the loop from Polallie TH, but not a single car there; the trail looked unbroken, and was not in the mood to bush-whack my way so continued to Tamanawas TH instead. Several signs as you get past Parkdale, indicate that you need snow tires/chains, and sno-park required etc. Although, the road itself was clear and well sanded, guess this is all in prep for Saturday night and Sunday's expected big snow shower.