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8/10-8/11 Timberline Lodge to Paradise Park and back (Lots of purple!)

Posted: August 12th, 2018, 5:59 am
by xrp
I hiked from TL to PP to watch the Perseids Friday evening.

I don't take and upload pictures, but wanted to give the following reports:

Bugs: Really only irritating after crossing ZigZag River going west. In fact, they only seemed to be bad around the huge tree fall mess that has been cleared. Flies only, no mosquitoes.

Flowers: Lots and lots of purple in Paradise Park. I would say flowers are at peak or just past peak as some are wilting. But the wilt was only noticeable if you looked for it.

Light/Moderate traffic. I was surprised to get to PP and find plenty of campsites unclaimed at 7pm.