Harry's Ridge

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Harry's Ridge

Post by Arturo » May 27th, 2018, 6:44 pm

Mt. St. Helens is the single most spiritual place for me.
Whether looking down into the crater from the summit ... peering across the blast zone from Coldwater Peak ... or even hiking from the JRO to Harry's Ridge with the tourists like we did today ... the place just amazes me every single time. I know some of us hardcore old timers have issues with fees and how it's managed but I think they are doing it right ... I loved seeing the faces of people experiencing the monument for the first time. The place just centers you in a way I cant describe. Even the drive up 504 amazes with the sneak peaks and reveals.

Not gonna bombard this report with photos though I will post a few. But I can report a few things:

Devils Elbow is a little more sketchy than in the past. There's an ominous sign at the junction. It doesnt tell you it's closed ... just tries to discourage you from taking the route. There's some loose areas like always, but also some parts of the "trail" that are a half foot wide. One slip and it's so long Sammy. Still we took it, though carefully, with no issues.
Coldwater Trail is open per the rangers. Met one hiker returning. There was some snow in the shaded canyons but passable. He didn't summit so I'm not sure how the switchbacks to the top are footing wise. There is snow still there.

Stopped at Pattys which is no longer Pattys ... she sold it. It's now Fire Mountain Grill. Decent. They have beer, wine and cocktails now.

Some obligatory crater shots ...
Adams holding court over Spirit Lake:
My new Mt. St. Helens ink juxtaposed with the subject:

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Re: Harry's Ridge

Post by sgyoung » May 28th, 2018, 6:40 pm

Looks like a fun hike. There is so much to explore around MSH! What a cool place and amazing mountain. I was waiting for the tattoo/real thing comparison picture, by the way - glad that showed up at the end.

Snow seems to be melting off a decent clip too. You'll be hitting the higher elevation hikes soon.

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