Dog Mountain - the flower show commences - well, sort of

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Dog Mountain - the flower show commences - well, sort of

Post by Don Nelsen » April 6th, 2018, 4:40 pm

Earlier weather reports had a lot of rain forecast for today but that was updated most favorably for some pretty nice hiking weather.

It drizzled a bit as I left town about 10:30 but by the time I reached the mouth of the gorge, that was it. There were even a few sunbreaks as I continued east.

The parking lot had only about ten cars or so at 11:45 and as I hiked up, I wondered where even those few folks were. I passed only one party, coming back down as I neared to top. Unfortunately, there were clouds and mist at the top so the views weren't a good as could be. It showed promise though and I hope the folks who hiked a bit later were rewarded for their effort. I passed six or seven groups coming up as I hiked back down.

I hiked this route on Mar. 30th and noticed the little yellow flowers were just starting to bloom but only on the lowest elevation part of the open meadows. Today, it was another story:

There were a few of these up near the top of the meadows:

Scattered about, but not plentiful, these:

I spotted a couple more types but didn't take photos.

The warming weather is really making the moss on the trees colorful and it was a delightful day to hike the Dog.

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Re: Dog Mountain - the flower show commences - well, sort of

Post by BigBear » April 10th, 2018, 11:54 am

I'd say the wildflower show has commenced: gold stars, Columbia kittentails and some montia too blurry to identify. Just because the headliner (balsamroot) are some weeks away doesn't mean the concert hasn't began.

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