GoalTechHikes Mosier Plateau - Book-ending the Gorge

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GoalTechHikes Mosier Plateau - Book-ending the Gorge

Post by mjirving » March 31st, 2018, 8:29 pm

2018.07 - Mosier Plateau
“Book-ending the Gorge”

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Miles: 3.5
Time: 1 hrs, 35 min
Avg MPH: 2.2
Elev Min: 100’
Elev Max: 600’
Total Ascent: 665’
Steps: 7,200
Flights of Stairs: 74
Time Up: 5:00am
Sleep Hours: 5
Start Time: 6:45
Temp Low: 42
Temp High: 43
Other hikers: 2
Female hikers: 50%
Longest time without seeing a hiker: 1:25
Wildlife: Blue Jay, Robin
Parking Permit Required: No
Parking Lot: ~15 spaces
Bathrooms: No

Columbia Gorge * Mosier * Pioneer Cemetery * Mosier Creek Falls * Mosier Plateau * Mt Hood

Opening Shot: Mosier Creek Falls

After parking in the big lot, I crossed the Mosier bridge, built in 1920, and started up the trail. 

I quickly arrived at the small pioneer cemetery that included the graves of Benjamin and Jane Mosier. 

There were several headstones that were about 150 years old. Also in the ground were even more little silver disks. My guess is that they are marking graves that no longer have headstones? 

A short distance further was the viewpoint of Mosier Creek Falls. It amazed me to see houses that had great views of the falls out their back decks. 

Here is a clip of the falls. 
2018-03-31 Mosier Creek Falls from Michael Irving on Vimeo.

After the falls, there were several switchbacks and stairs to get up the side of the plateau. This trail is in excellent condition. On the way up I saw a bunch of Columbia Desert Parsley,

Prairie Star,

and I’m not sure what this is, let me know if you do!

Approaching the top, I started to see Arrowleaf Balsamroot. 

At the viewpoint was Suksdorf’s Desert Parsley,

and St John’s Wort??

The views to the west were beautiful. This is a “book-end” hike for me as I hiked the only two trails open on the west end of the Gorge last week. This hike and the next one I’ll do on this day are the two closest open trails on the east end of the Gorge on the Oregon side. All trails in between are of course still closed from the 2017 Eagle Creek fire. 

Here is a shot to the east, from the same spot. This is the Catherine Creek/Coyote Wall hike that I did a few years ago.

I was surprised that the trail actually dropped in elevation from the first viewpoint, down to the plateau rim. Here is a clip from the edge viewpoint. 
2018-03-31 Mosier Plateau from Michael Irving on Vimeo.

Going back up to the top viewpoint, I went out to the edge to get a view down into Mosier. 

Mt Hood was barely peeking over the hills. You can see the nice houses being built here too with fantastic views to the river. I met a lady on the PCT last year who was retired and lived in Mosier. This would be a nice place to spend some time, one exit down from Hood River. 

Can you see me out there on the edge?

There was some Poet’s Shooting Star here too. 

I cruised back the way I came and saw my only 2 hikers as I approached the trailhead. 

This was a really nice hike that packs a punch with variety over its short distance. There’s a bit of a climb, but the trail is so well built and maintained that it’s smooth sailing. 

Favorite experience of the day:
Mosier Creek Falls

Least favorite experience of the day:
Realizing after the hike that I should have done the short spur route to the top of Mosier Hill. 

Today's elevation:

Google Earth with Track:

GPS Track:
https://www.gaiagps.com/datasummary/tra ... ikingmapHD

-GoalTech (aka Mike)
@goaltechhikes (Instagram)

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Re: GoalTechHikes Mosier Plateau - Book-ending the Gorge

Post by K.Wagner » April 6th, 2018, 11:29 am

That was a great little hike, that I was unaware of. Think it will be high on my list of destinations for the next dry break I get.
There is no shortcut to anyplace worth going to.

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