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Flowers and Smoke

Posted: August 7th, 2017, 6:27 pm
by drm
I did an uncharacteristic trip for me last weekend. I got back from a meeting late in the afternoon and headed up for Mt Adams. Didn't start hiking till 7pm. I hoped to reach Lookinglass Lake via the Shorthorn Trail, but ended up just finding a site off the trail near one of the versions of Salt Creek, which I arrived at right at sunset. I'm usually the kind of hiker who plans to get into camp before sunset with plenty of time to set up. The air was pretty clear that evening, I thought it was supposed to stay that way and it was in the 70s at the trailhead, so pleasant hiking temps.

In the past I have usually approached Lookinglass Lake from the other side (Stagman Ridge). From this side, the trail is heading straight for the lake, then turns north, then west, and then the spur south to the lake. So I wanted to find a half mile shortcut across Madcat Meadow that hooks into the normal trail just above the lake. This ended up being pretty easy to do.
shortnight 1.jpg
This stuff has taken over the south side of the mountain. I'm told this is arnica, though I can't find an exact pic of it.
shortnight 6.jpg
Arnica (?), lupine, and astor
shortnight 5.jpg
more of them
shortnight 2.jpg
Leaving the RTM trail for XC shortcut to the lake: 0.43 miles nearly due west to meet the regular trail.
shortnight 3.jpg
Lookinglass Lake
shortnight 4.jpg
Cascade Creek waterfall near Lookinglass Lake
shortnight 7.jpg
The next day smoke moved back in: Mt Adams from 6000 feet on the RTM trail at Salt Creek
shortnight 8.jpg
Lush creek along the trail
shortnight 9.jpg
Mt Adams (in theory) from the Trout Lake School