Day Trip 5/18/14

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Day Trip 5/18/14

Post by TheHappyClark » May 18th, 2014, 4:41 pm

Made it up to Pechuck Lookout today for the first time. I'm recovering from a bike/car accident a few weeks ago and was a little worried about all of the elevation gain but decided to truck through it as a test. The weather was pretty overcast with heavy mist the whole way but the hike was still enjoyable. The mist made the forest look even more lush and majestic and the temperature was about perfect for keeping me from sweating too much. It's definitely one to get your heart rate up but I didn't think it was anything too crazy, even in my condition.

We saw only one small patch of snow off the ridge slope but that was about it for surprises. The vegetation keeps the trail from being too muddy. No one else was out that we saw but from the trip log it looked like a father and son had spent the night there and had left early in the morning.

Upon reaching the lookout we couldn't see much at all given the heavy mist/clouds from the rain. The lookout was in great condition and stocked with a variety of accommodations- first aid, fire starter, small saw, etc. It is surprisingly sturdy given its long history. We sat inside to eat lunch and had a nice hike back down. We didn't check out Rooster Rock as the rain and wind picked up right as we met the junction on our way back but next time I hope we make it over there. Overall the hike was great even in the weather we had.

The only note I would add is that it really does take a bit to get to the trailhead. I felt like we drove the entire length of the park to get up there but my little Corolla did make it just fine in the end. Not too many potholes and the road was totally clear of felled trees.

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Re: Day Trip 5/18/14

Post by bobcat » May 21st, 2014, 10:56 am

Glad you could make it up there. Looks like the Table Rock Wilderness is ready for visitors!

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