Dog Mtn 13-Mar-09

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Dog Mtn 13-Mar-09

Post by VanMarmot » March 16th, 2009, 10:53 am

My last hike up Dog was back in January when I ran into Idler on the summit. This Friday was the completely opposite experience, the kind of Oregon day that is not to be wasted on any indoor activity. In January, the lower viewpoint marked the point where one entered the murky white-out swaddling the upper slopes of Dog. Last Friday, it was actually a viewpoint.
Lower viewpoint in January.JPG
Gorge from lower viewpoint.JPG
The trail was largely free of snow (probably not any more after this weekend) until just below the summit.
Trail junction near summit.JPG
The summit provided a clear view of St Helens and a "trifecta" view of the summits of Dog, Hood, and Defiance.
St Helens.JPG
Dog, Hood, Defiance.JPG
Such was not the case in January.
Dog Mtn summit in January.JPG
We haven't had a very hard winter this year, but a day like Friday does make one look forward to more sunshine.

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Re: Dog Mtn 13-Mar-09

Post by Water » March 16th, 2009, 3:10 pm

Hey van marmot! Perhaps I saw you on the day - was there as well - look for some additional pics in my TR!
Loved the rime ice up top!
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