2013 Fall Colors Thread

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Re: 2013 Fall Colors Thread

Post by Splintercat » November 5th, 2013, 12:56 pm

Hi Chris - yes, I actually wrote a blog article on that tree awhile back:


I think I posted it on the forum this year, but another prominent maple is about to fall across McCord Creek, right in the middle of photographer's alley. I'll be surprised if it makes it another winter -- it's a multi-trunked tree right where the side path heads down to the photo spots, and the creek has removed almost all of the ground underneath the tree -- basically hollowed out underneath the trunks. So... get in there and get some photos while it's debris-free!

[rummages through photos]

Aha! So, here's the tree from the creek level last spring:


And here's the tree as it appears from the trail -- it's the 4-trunked bigleaf maple behind the short western red cedar:



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Re: 2013 Fall Colors Thread

Post by kepPNW » November 13th, 2013, 7:03 pm

Splintercat wrote:The little maple in the center of the photo was only about halfway through it's fall cycle at this time last year -- but last week, the leaves had long since come down. I think the timing is at least a MONTH off the "normal" schedule, and I'm thinking the wet/windy/darkish September basically flipped the switch on the trees early this year.
Boy, I've been thinking about this since you posted it, and gotta say I'm almost of the opposite opinion. Seems to me the color's holding on longer, at least in some species, than usual. The maples in particular still seem to have a fair bit going for them! Here's a couple shots that I took in Beacon Rock State Park on Sunday (11/10)...



Pretty nice (free!) day to enjoy Hamilton Mountain. :)
Back on the trail, again...

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