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Read before posting to this forum

Posted: August 8th, 2008, 4:36 pm
by phadmin
Hello fellow hikers!

Just a few notes before posting to the "General Forum". This forum is meant for any outdoor-related topic that would be of interest to hikers. This is meant as a catch-all if we don't have a more specific forum elsewhere on the site. However don't worry too much if you posted in the wrong place - we're a pretty friendly group here....but be aware one of the moderators might move it to the right spot after-the-fact.

You'll want to have a meaningful subject line for your post. Posts with a subject like "An interesting encounter" tend not to get as much attention as things like "A coyote ate my carabiner"

Don't be too discouraged if no one responds right away. We don't have an "old boys club" here. We really encourage new folks getting involved even if people can't always find time to respond to every post. Keep posting and I'm sure you'll make friends and be a part of lots of enlightened discussions.

Before posting to this or any forum on the site, be sure to review the forum guidelines.

We are proud of the fact our site is very welcoming and family friendly. Please help us keep it that way!

Thank you!

The moderators