how would you interpret this table?

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Re: how would you interpret this table?

Post by adamschneider » October 27th, 2020, 7:27 pm

Oh, and here's a low-bandwidth version that I made for myself: -- if you check the text-only box, you get the words from the forecast and not much else.

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Re: how would you interpret this table?

Post by BurnsideBob » October 27th, 2020, 8:30 pm

Maybe I missed something? Chip Down was asking about weather at the summit of Mt. Adams in post 1. Here's the closest "pinpoint" forecast from NOAA: ... 5jqSYhKiM8

This forecast is for conditions for a one mile square. If you look underneath the map included in the forecast you'll see that the area to which this forecast applies has an average elevation of 11142 making it the closest "tile" to the summit elevation of Mt. Adams. As the actual summit is more than 1,000 feet higher than the elevation of this tile, you could reasonably expect the temperature at the summit to be about 4 degrees fahrenheit cooler. More if the mountain is under dry, subsiding air.

The summit of an isolated peak will not observe big changes in temperature over time unless there is a change in air mass. To have daily heating and cooling effects, air has to be in contact with the ground. There isn't any ground surrounding Mt. Adam's summit to heat or cool the air. So as long as the wind blows, ground effect on temperature will be minimal.

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