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St Helens crater creek turbidity

Posted: July 16th, 2020, 6:44 pm
by Chip Down
There are two dramatic falls spilling out of the crater of St Helens: Loowit and Step. Both creeks are from a combination of glacier/snowfield. Loowit is from the terminus of Crater Glacier where the two lobes of the "horseshoe" have merged, while Step is from a new-ish lateral portal of Crater Glacier + what used to be the drainage from the west terminus of Crater Glacier, before it advanced and met the east lobe. (The two branches of Step merge just upstream of the falls you can see from Loowit Trail.)

Crossing Step yesterday (near/on Loowit Trail) I noticed how filthy it was. I didn't recall Loowit looking like that. I decided to pull samples. For your edification, pics are posted below.

No conclusions or explanations offered. Just sharing. :geek: