Franklin Ridge Trail #427

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Franklin Ridge Trail #427

Post by Brian95 » June 4th, 2020, 8:31 am

I noticed while looking at the Gorge's closure notice ... 716508.pdf for COVID-19 that the Franklin Ridge Trail #427 is listed as open. I haven't heard about this anywhere else; is there anyone who can confirm if this is an error in the map or if the trail is actually open again?

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Re: Franklin Ridge Trail #427

Post by Bosterson » June 4th, 2020, 11:00 am

My understanding was that the Franklin Ridge trail was supposed to be reopened this spring since they finally cleared out the fire debris. I was out on the Larch trail on Sunday and passed the Franklin jct and it's still fenced off, but perhaps if it has been reopened, no one from the FS has gone out to take that stuff down given everything that's been going on the past few months. That's an official FS closure map, so since it shows Franklin Ridge being open I would say you have plausible deniability if you were to go out there and have someone get mad at you.
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Re: Franklin Ridge Trail #427

Post by squidvicious » June 4th, 2020, 12:51 pm

Says closed here ... ecid=29914

They did just update the pages for other recently opened gorge trails like Herman Creek, so theoretically it's current info.

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