Angel's Rest parking warning (not what you think)

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Chip Down
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Angel's Rest parking warning (not what you think)

Post by Chip Down » March 23rd, 2020, 6:32 pm

Couple weekends ago, I arrived at Angel's Rest and had my pick of spaces. I selected space marked A in photo below. As is my customary practice in any lot when I arrive first, I backed in as close to the curb as I reasonably could. Later, a car parked close to me in space B, straddling the line, and a longish vehicle parked in space C.

Fortunately, vehicle C was just leaving as I returned. I think he was actually on his way out before I really even had the situation assessed. I could have been there a long time waiting for B or C to return. I'm generously assuming both of them were as oblivious to the situation as I was when I parked.

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