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Lewis River Hwy / Road 90 warning

Posted: July 10th, 2018, 6:41 am
by drm
From the Gifford Pinchot NF website:
Due to a slide, part of Forest Road 90 near Crab Creek is now accessible for high clearance vehicles only! If you are coming from the south and headed to Lower Falls, travel instead through Trout Lake to Forest Road 23 and west on Forest Road 90.
Subarus are fine and I think the issue is less clearance than it is AWD traction. There is a short and very steep gravel hill - uphill is when you are leaving (southbound towards Cougar) that also has a pothole that you have to miss, though low clearance vehicles might bottom out going over the top. I would add that coming in from the other direction as suggested in the quote is at least 20 miles longer and a section there between the 88 road jcn and Lower Falls is now heavily potholed, but passable if you watch closely to avoid them. There are also some washouts farther up that narrow the road to one lane. Road 90 is in sorry shape in general. With all the damaged roads and the road staff cut in half this year, I would not expect any fast fixes to these problems.