Truly giant trees of the past

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Re: Truly giant trees of the past

Post by Aardvark » February 11th, 2019, 8:44 pm

My employment since 1993 has been as a timber cruiser. I have worked in the Old Growth Redwoods of Nor Cal and throughout Oregon and Washington. The tallest Douglas-fir I've encountered was a 282 foot tree in Linn County - it was approximately 150 years old. Old Growth firs often have the top broken out so the actual height is less than a younger tree. I have seen Old Growth fir that were 4 feet in diameter at 220' so who know how tall it could have been at one time.

I worked on some of the last privately held old growth Coast Redwood near Fortuna California and there were many RW over 320' , the Doug fir in that stand were all beneath the canopy of Redwoods, averaging about 250' in height.

I have measured a Grand fir (abies grandis) in Humboldt County that was 286' tall and only 28" in diameter. Talk about a stovepipe!
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