Eagle Creek Map Error!

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Re: Eagle Creek Map Error!

Post by drm » April 12th, 2020, 7:02 am

It's been discussed on OH before that the higher altitude glaciers in the Cascades are not really under threat. Overall precipitation is not expected to decline with climate change, but the snow line will on average will rise. Glaciers above whatever altitude that is could gain mass on the taller volcanoes. So it seems reasonable that some glaciers will manage to hold even, especially in Washington's North Cascades, but certainly on Rainier too. Not sure how much that will happen farther south. Darryl Lloyd has documented glacial decline on Adams, but the cap on top might get thicker. But even if a few hold their own, most are shrinking - even in the North Cascades. I seriously doubt that Rainier's Carbon Glacier will have it's lower terminus at 3000 feet in 2050.

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Re: Eagle Creek Map Error!

Post by bobcat » April 12th, 2020, 7:37 am

drm wrote:
April 11th, 2020, 12:27 pm
Has anybody ever gotten a correction made to a Green Trails map?
Yes, I did (once). They sent me a free cap with their logo. But it was still a few years before the new map came out.

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Re: Eagle Creek Map Error!

Post by aiwetir » April 12th, 2020, 6:58 pm

I’ve mentioned this many times before but the USGS topo maps of the Gorge are sometimes 1/4 to 1/2 whopping miles off. Most of this has been fixed by me and some other people on here using the Strava Heatmap on OpenStreetMap. Always looking to make the trails better if someone has better info on something like a falls location.

See this post viewtopic.php?p=179898#p179898

Authoritative, I’d never say that because I’d get sued, so no, but way better than anything we’ve had prior to now.
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Re: Eagle Creek Map Error!

Post by BigBear » April 15th, 2020, 8:12 am

Errors on maps are actually a mandatory situation to prevent someone from copying the map and selling it as their own. Usually the errors are made not to be encountered by the map's users which makes forgery very difficult because the forger would have to really know the thing being mapped in order to correct the errors and make their own obscure changes.

Other errors are so blatantly obvious that I wonder how they can exist. On the southern Oregon PCT Map of the mid-90s (when I had to use it for sectional backpacks) I noted that the Mt. McLoughlin trail crossed the PCT as a 4-way intersection, but in reality, the two 3-way intersections are one mile apart. In other cases the trail was on the wrong side of the mountain, trailheads on the map did not actually exist, and lakes were either mis-named or not in the correct location. We encountered 16 errors in the 80-mile section of trail we walked south of Crater Lake - errors that were too obvious to believe. Who knows how many off-trail errors were also on this map.

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