Lost on Vista Ridge Trail (8/25): Slik Sprint Pro II Tripod

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Lost on Vista Ridge Trail (8/25): Slik Sprint Pro II Tripod

Post by Splintercat » August 26th, 2017, 12:27 am

I took a spectacular spill :o :shock: :x coming down the Vista Ridge Trail tonight (in semi-dark - stupid malicious rocks!) and in the process of crashing and burning, launched the tripod I carry in my hand into hyper-space (not the first time I've done that... interesting!). Anyway, I looked around in the semi-dark a bit, to no avail... so, if you're hiking the Vista Ridge trail this weekend and would like to be REWARDED WITH LUNCH, please take a look where the trail traverses into a ravine about 1/4 mile up from the wilderness register box. I crashed on the side-hill section, about halfway to the bottom of the ravine.

The tripod is a Slik Sprint Pro II, black and missing one rubber foot. Boy, do I go through these... :roll: :lol:


Tom :)

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