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Re: printing maps

Post by pcg » November 9th, 2017, 9:10 am

Webfoot wrote:Some sites still list it for sale...
Ordered. They still have some in stock.
Webfoot wrote:... IJ-WP Teslin...Amazon has it...
Ordered that as well to test it out.

Thank you! I've now got some more NG paper on the way, as well as two alternatives, in addition to the one alternative I've already tried and don't like. I'll try to do a comparison of all of them and post the results in a couple weeks.
Lurch wrote:If you're worried about toner/ink use (Green is a terrible color to print full pages of), might I suggest using the 2013 USFS topo maps if you're on FS land instead of USGS? They don't show the vegetation layer, but they're clean and a huge ink saver. Caltopo is probably the best source for them
I'll look into this. I need to master the Caltopo thing. I just keep putting it off and getting by with the NG Topo maps and route overlays on Google Earth, but I know that Caltopo has much more to offer.

Thanks everyone!

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