Historic Largest Spruce in Oregon

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Historic Largest Spruce in Oregon

Post by Plaintiger » January 16th, 2019, 9:20 am

Hi, has anyone read "Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast" by Robert Van Pelt? If you haven't I highly recommend it if you are fascinated by giant old growth trees!
https://multcolib.bibliocommons.com/ite ... 1149932068

There's a description in Van Pelt's book of a "redwood-sized" 24 foot diameter sitka spruce at "God's Valley" near the Oregon coast.
The author describes a magazine called "Forest World", published in 1988, that had a description of the dimensions of the tree, and Van Pelt also writes about corresponding with another author, Brian O' Brian from Salem, who tracked down some photos of the tree. According to Van Pelt's book the tree is long-gone but I would love to see some photos of it if anyone has any leads, or knows anything about the "Forest World" publication - I searched on ebay and couldn't come up with anything.

This might be a photo of a section of the base of the tree:

I also found another reference to it online:

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