lost and found: truck edition

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lost and found: truck edition

Post by Chip Down » April 4th, 2017, 5:15 pm

Send me your VIN if you think one of these might be yours.

I love stumbling upon stuff like this in the woods. Mature forest, deep dark shade, rot and moss, old roads that ceased to be driveable many years ago. There's that fun moment when I think "hmmm, that thing over there doesn't look natural", and then, a little closer: "oh yeah, man-made for sure...wonder what it is".

Oh...CraigG has posted about this truck graveyard. Funny that his TR was the first I found when I was looking for pics of nearby Archer falls.
This was all alone, on a fairly well preserved road. Others were clustered together maybe a hundred yards away, where the road was fuzzy and hard to follow.
Even in this condition, I knew it was a Toyota. Produced during my last month of high school.
Approximate location.

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