Recreating the Historic Columbia River Highway

This is a forum for trip reports that pre-date the Portland Hikers forum, trail photos from pre-digital era, or any other discussions that focus on trail history.
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Recreating the Historic Columbia River Highway

Post by AFLitt » October 10th, 2013, 4:13 pm

I am working on a project tracing the original route (not always the same as the State Trail) of the Columbia River Highway and trying to discover interesting historical points along the route that are somewhat overlooked.

Right now, most of the work that I've completed lives here: ... verHighway

Already on this forum I've seen quite a bit that was new to me, and I thought others might find the work I've been doing regarding the old highway interesting.

There are also some good bushwhacking opportunities out to old abandoned sections of the highway. I've done most of these already and will be getting the pictures up on the Facebook page over the next few weeks.

Know of any interesting spots? Please share!

Recreating The Historic Columbia River Highway:

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