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Trees down, lower Larch Mtn trail

Posted: January 19th, 2021, 4:02 pm
by squidvicious
There are two big trees down, very low on the Larch Mountain trail. First there's a big rootball tight up against the rock face. Looks a mess as you approach, but up close there's room to step through and get by pretty easily.

A few feet beyond that is a big duck-under. This would be a simple one, except there's a big slope of slick, loose mud underneath that came down with it. There's a narrow path being tracked across the top that's flattening out and pretty stable, and objectively it's fine, but subjectively, at least for those of us with a fear of falling, it feels like you're going to slide straight into the creek.

No pictures of my own, but these from alltrails show it well ... c114cf.jpg ... dc7d47.jpg ... 0f8566.jpg