21/01/18 -- Gales Creek&Storey Burn

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21/01/18 -- Gales Creek&Storey Burn

Post by smithsummit » January 18th, 2021, 6:47 pm


I hiked and cleared on the Gales Creek & Storey Burn loop today (21/01/18). Trail conditions were generally excellent; not a lot of slorchiness. Cleared several smaller (8" or less) trees hiking up from the campground gate.

Before/after of the first larger tree. This was perhaps 1/2 way up headed toward the Summit TH. Wouldn't hurt to have a chainsaw crew spend a little time here.

Very near the Summit TH:

Gravelle Brothers was clear and I didn't see anything needing saw until ~1/2 mile past the highway underpass headed up Storey Burn:

The last log I encountered was too big to tackle with my trusty Silky Big Boy 2000. Not far below the hike high point on Storey Burn Road. It'd be pretty easy to hike down with a chainsaw or crosscut saw.

Moderate traffic on the trail today in beautiful conditions. I may have gotten into poison oak. Guess we'll see how that turns out. :-(



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