Upper Salmon River Trail

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Upper Salmon River Trail

Post by light » August 9th, 2020, 1:25 pm

Yesterday, I hiked some of the upper Salmon River Trail, starting from the Salmon River East trailhead, accessed via Trillium Lake.

The first 2.5 miles or so showed signs of recent work (thank you!), but there were occasional additional trees down beyond that, and a series of more than 20 trees down in a stretch of a couple hundred yards, about a quarter mile before the junction with the Linney Creek Trail. Many required extensive effort to climb over or around.

Full contact hiking at its best. :D

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Re: Upper Salmon River Trail

Post by bobcat » August 12th, 2020, 3:49 pm

Jim Coleman and his TKO crews have been working that trail since last year. Trail work began very late this year because of COVID restrictions, but they've logged as far as the junction with the abandoned Fir Tree Trail. It's a work in progress.

Yes, there are a bunch of trees down in tangled bundles closer to Linney Creek. The closest to Linney Creek Camp is a 36" Douglas-fir, but all the rest are 6" - 15" only. Hopefully, crews can get to those before the end of the summer. They'll have to come in via Linney Creek TH to get at them.

You can get around all the blowdown; a couple bunches need some minor acrobatics.

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