Angry Wasp/Yellow Jacket Nest Near Angel's Rest

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Angry Wasp/Yellow Jacket Nest Near Angel's Rest

Post by flash » August 8th, 2015, 2:17 pm

Hi All, Just wanted to give a quick heads up. We ran into a big wasp nest on trail on the 415 between Wahkeena and Angel's Rest, just west of the eastern-most junction with Foxglove (approximate location marked on the image attached). Heading towards AR, it starts in a rotten stump to the right of the trail, but the nest seems to extend down under the path, so our boots got them nice and riled up.

The Park Host at the Wahkeena day-use area noted there is an active nest right at the edge of the Springs as well.

Not the most common route to Angel's Rest, but I imagine there's still a fair amount of foot traffic. Not sure if there is a crew that deals with this on the more heavily traveled routes?
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