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Wauna Point Trail - great trail work

Posted: October 17th, 2014, 4:54 am
Took the non-rain day to explore up Tanner Butte Trail and then over and down to the diving board at Wauna Point. The Tanner Trail is in great shape all the way to the old Wilderness Signage just past the Wauna Point cut-off. Great work n removing logs as noted by other.
The Wauna Point trail can be easily seen cutting off from Tanner at a rather large clearing with a campfire ring and proceeds at a right-angle to Tanner heading east. You immediately come to a sign saying "Trail not maintained" but that is a mistake - there has been some great trail work done on the Wauna Point trail and it is done all the way to the diving board with one of the best overlooks of the Columbia River Gorge. Especially good is the rather exposed horizontal traverse leading over to the diving board ridge - great work there to make for good footsteps. And the work extends all down the ridge and through the brush and trees making it rather easy - if not a little exposed - to get this great view. Thanks to those who kept this trail and viewpoint alive for others to enjoy