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How to use this forum (please read first!)

Posted: February 13th, 2009, 8:18 am
by jeffstatt
Welcome to the new Trail Rx forum!

Usually hikers have the most recent information on trail conditions. Due to a Northwest climate that features high winds and lot of moisture it's common to encounter overgrowth, washouts, and downed-trees - especially in the cooler months! Many times trail organizations and agencies do not know about bad or unsafe conditions until they are reported by hikers, so this forum is a great way to connect with them. Use this forum to report trails that are in need of some TLC, or to simply share your ideas of how you'd like to see our trails improved!

Try to do the following when posting to this forum:

1) Keep information brief and to the point (save anecdotal information for the Trip Reports forum)

2) Photos are very helpful for trail crews when planning repairs!

3) Try to include an approximate mileage from a particular trailhead where appropriate

4) Don't worry if your concern is too small - if you feel a trail needs attention, chime in!

5) If conditions are truly unsafe, you may consider including that in the subject line!*

6) When you've noticed recent trail work, please post kudos to the volunteers and agency staff who have put in their time and energy -- your ability to enjoy our trails is what motivates them! This is also the place for TKO trip reports.

Thanks for being a trail steward!

* If you do encounters unsafe conditions on a trail it's best to report it by phone to the appropriate agency as well