Dog Mountain - ALL TRAILS OPEN at 4-15-12

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Dog Mountain - ALL TRAILS OPEN at 4-15-12

Post by [email protected] » April 15th, 2012, 12:37 pm

Dog Mountain is ready for guests and there were a tons today. Previous reports have told that the middle trail is in good shape but questioned the status of the wind-blown debris and destruction from January on the east (scenic) trail. Well don't worry, all trails are now ready for you.
Went up Augsberger from the TH to the summit and with the exception of about six larger trees which are easy to get over, the trail tread is in great shape. The flowers are coming out on this trail with even one Indian Paintbrush and multiple other flowers including Columbia Gorge Kittentail up on the summit ridge. Views were astounding everywhere today so decided to try coming down the scenic furthest east trail from the junction in the woods with the middle trail.
By going down the scenic trail, you can get a full-on view of the amount of blow-down and destruction on this trail but more importantly, you can see the WONDERFUL job done by the WTA (Washington Trail Association) in clearing this trail. They have done a HUGE amount of work and the trail is in great shape. Today, I ran into several crews still doing work on the trail but the main tread is completely open and totally passable - they are clearing some more to put this trail back into full condition with water bars being opened-up and overhanging trees being cut. By going this way, you have to come back home and immediately send them a contribution - they totally deserve it for the great volunteer efforts.
So, with the help of WTA and the sun the flowers will be there for all to enjoy with great trails throughout Dog Mnt. Get there - still another month before the balsamroot but the many other wildflowers are starting their annual birth!

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Re: Dog Mountain - ALL TRAILS OPEN at 4-15-12

Post by Jack » April 21st, 2012, 5:47 pm

Tom, I didn’t see your post until today. It was great to see you up there on Dog that morning. We continued on over from Dog and did Augspurger Mt., and as you suggested, there has been some work done on the trail after leaving the Dog - Aug Jct. We spent 2-3 hrs. with Spitfire sawing branches off the bigger logs for easier crossing and me removing everything I could off the trail as far as the road. The road still has a tremendous amount of debris and many downed logs, but is indeed passable. There are about 6 or 7 logs crossing the trail, from the jct. to the road, which will require big saws, but the trail is fairly clear and evident, again, thanks to the folks who contributed to removing the smaller stuff.

And Hurray for the WTA!!!

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