PCTA Trail Work done on Eagle Creek Friday 13 April 2012

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PCTA Trail Work done on Eagle Creek Friday 13 April 2012

Post by rcPDX » April 14th, 2012, 7:16 am

We lucked out on Friday the 13 and had a great day doing trail work on Eagle Creek. Our crew of 8 split into two smaller crews. Leif's crew took care of this big mess about 3 miles from the trail head, just before High Bridge:
big mess-a.JPG
large root wad and messed-up trail
big mess-f-temp trail going down to root wad.JPG
same tree from other side
Eagle Creek 002.JPG
After - tread repaired fully
The crew:
Eagle Creek 005.JPG
L-R: Leif, Dave, Walt, Barbara, Ryan, Pete, Dennis.
Meanwhile, my crew of 3 hiked into the wilderness and cleared with cross cut saw these two trees. The furthest one in was about 6.6 miles from Eagle Creek trailhead.
half mile into wilderness.JPG
18" log about a half mile from wilderness boundary (note photo is from scouting trip, the dog was not on the work party)
Eagle Creek 001.JPG
Dave and Dennis
quarter mile into wilderness.JPG
we also cleared this one with the cross-cut saw
On our way out, Leif took another nibble off this slowly sliding giant.
Eagle Creek 008.JPG
Eagle Creek 009.JPG
It was a lovely day hiking, mostly sunny and no rain. There were 4 new volunteers on the crew. All the volunteers were GREAT! We encountered about 50 people, mostly on our way out. There were only two groups of backpackers. Wildflowers in bloom included lots of trillium, glacier lily, toothwort, saxifrage, small-flowered blue-eyed Mary, Dutchman's breeches, larkspur.

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Re: PCTA Trail Work done on Eagle Creek Friday 13 April 2012

Post by [email protected] » April 14th, 2012, 7:52 am

Great work once again by the PCTA. I do totally apprecaite it and hope that some how, the Forest Service can find some funding for some of this type of work in the Gorge (and elsewhere) so that it doesn't always have to be non-profit groups doing the job. We do a lot of it for sure but what the heck are our taxes doing?

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Re: PCTA Trail Work done on Eagle Creek Friday 13 April 2012

Post by Ryan Ojerio » April 14th, 2012, 1:43 pm

Great work, thank you PCTA! (Great supervisor stance, Dennis! :)
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