Oneonta Gorge Clearing

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Oneonta Gorge Clearing

Post by rcPDX » February 12th, 2012, 8:09 pm

Horsetail Falls, Oneonta Gorge. The log that keeps on giving! This was a good-sized Big Leaf Maple that fell, obstructing a few switchbacks heading down to the bridge across Oneonta. Three PCTA work parties plus an OHSTAR training rescue, and currently the trail is passable.
1-25-12 01 Horsetail tr.jpg
Jan 25 - Ron Scouts
Clearing, Trip #2: Ron cut the log so hikers can pass by. The root was left strapped in place. We needed heavier equipment to pull the root wad down.
1-27-12 35 HORSETAIL TR.jpg
Jan 17 - Ron cuts the log

Root Wad Removal, Trip #3: Our third visit to the problem site. Paul had orders to duck and cover behind the anchor tree if and when the cable snapped - which we expected. He followed orders and was not harmed when the cable snapped. The root wad rolled downhill and took our rigging with it, landing horizontally across a ravine that shoots straight into Oneonta.
2-9-12 Rolling.jpg
Moving the root wad

Equipment Recovery, Trip #4: I invited my Oregon Humane Society Technical Animal Rescue team to rappel to the equipment for recovery.
2-12-12 Horsetail Recovery 003.JPG
Ulli rappels to the equipment

2-12-12 Horsetail Recovery 011.JPG
Equipment Saved
Ulli was able to get the slings and hardware in about 15 minutes including ascending back to the trail. She also collected a couple beverage bottles. Left the area cleaner than we found it.

And there's still more work to be done. The trail where the roots were is very narrow but at the moment easily passable.

Did this look like fun to you? It is to me and to many of us. Trail Skills College is coming up, and there are rigging classes and sawing classes. (sorry, no rappelling classes this year). I will post when I have news on that.


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Re: Oneonta Gorge Clearing

Post by [email protected] » February 13th, 2012, 6:06 am

Great work on a very-often used trail. Amazing amount of work (and dangerous) for taking out a root wad and its trunk but it is clear that everyone was up for it and prepared.
Thanks so much to those of us who traverse along this - we'll remember your fine work as our feet make the tread a little firmer.

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Re: Oneonta Gorge Clearing

Post by Splintercat » March 4th, 2012, 7:45 pm

Wow! What a mess! And what a great job clearing it, too..! Nightmare location to be clearing a fallen tree, too... yowsa!

Thanks for your great work, Roberta!

-Tom :)

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