"New" Trailhead for Siouxon Creek

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"New" Trailhead for Siouxon Creek

Post by justpeachy » August 14th, 2021, 7:45 pm

The Siouxon Creek Trail recently reopened and the Forest Service is reporting "Siouxon trailhead has moved 2 miles west on Forest Road 5701". However hikers are reporting that this is incorrect information and that there is a gate at the intersection of Roads 57 and 5701, which is actually 3.7 miles from the old trailhead, not 2. It is also unclear whether whether this is temporary or permanent.

I have modified the note at the top of the trailhead page, as well as the hikes that start there. If it turns out to be a permanent situation the mileages and descriptions will need to be updated.

Photo of gate (Nicole Calvert)

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