Fossil Trail Loop elevation gain

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Fossil Trail Loop elevation gain

Post by jime » June 29th, 2020, 6:58 pm

The field guide entry says 3300ft elev gain. It’s more like 2000ft.
Also, the field guide map shows the trail leaving the lower road, going up a ridge to connect to a higher segment of rd 8123. The write up describes the hike correctly, staying on the lower rd then joining 8123 at the next junction. I walked down to the base of the ridge, but there is no trail there & no evidence that horses ever go that way. Maybe a trail segment was planned for the ridge where there might be views.
I also got 13mi on my gps instead. However, I did go to the Blue Lake TH and then followed the sign to the ski trail. Could have cut the corner and saved .3 mi which would make the mileage pretty close to the field guide’s 12.4.
The trail is in good condition with only minor blowdown.

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Re: Fossil Trail Loop elevation gain

Post by bobcat » June 30th, 2020, 11:18 am

Thanks for taking the trouble to inform! I will update . . .

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