Eagle Creek Overlook Hike

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Re: Eagle Creek Overlook Hike

Post by retired jerry » May 15th, 2018, 5:24 pm

Didn't you sell me a NW Forest Pass once? :)

The law is really aimed at day use areas. The FS can't charge for access to land, but they can charge for a day use area that has those amenities. The FS used that law to get money to maintain trails.

Congress should pass a law that says they can charge for parking at a trailhead if the money is used to maintain the trail.

The only thing that bothers me about this, is the FS comes out the bad guy. It's congress that won't pass the right law, or provide enough funds for trail maintenance.

And congress doesn't trust the FS enough to let them make the rules, they have to spell out specific - toilet, table, garbage can. Congress is the one that shouldn't be trusted more than the FS.

Acknowledging that the FS used to be a timber agency. Funds from selling trees went for trail maintenance. Trails were always a lower priority. There's still a lot of that mentality that persists in the FS.

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